der Marktplatz in Barth

The legend of Vineta

Ob hier vieleicht das sagenhafte Vineta war?

According to the legend, Vineta has perished in a storm of high water. The reason was the moral decay of the city, the "pride and the waste of the inhabitants". There was a warning: three months, three weeks, and three days before the demise of the city, it appeared above the sea, with all the houses, towers, and walls as colored light structures. The elders advised all people to leave the city, for if cities, ships, or men were seen in duplicate, this always meant the end. But the inhabitants of Vineta did not care about their lack of humility. No one noticed the very last warning: a few weeks later, a water woman emerged from the sea close to the city, and cried three times in a high, startling voice:

"Vineta, Vineta, you rieke town, Vineta sall untergahn, wieldse se het väl Böses dahn"

"Vineta, Vineta, rich city, Vineta is to be destroyed because she has done much evil."

Even today, bells from the depths of the sea will be heard.

The location of Vineta is controversial. According to a more recent thesis, Vineta was at Barth. According to this, the Peene had not previously entered the Stettiner Haff. An orphan's arm should have flowed to Barth via Anklam and Demmin. This estuary, which was no longer in existence today, could pass through the Lower Oder or the Welsebruch, the lowland of the Uecker and the Randow, the Friedländer Große Wiese, through the valley of the Great Landgraben and the Tollensee, to Friedland and Demmin Next to the Peene on another navigable river), through the lowlands of the Trebel canal and Recknitz. A rough view of the elevation conditions supports this hypothesis, according to which Barth now regards itself as "Vinetastadt". However, no archaeological evidence could ever be provided. The chronological news of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, however, can not be regarded as authentic.

Thus the question is whether Vineta at all given and, if so, where it has been located, remains open and leaves room for future investigations and hypotheses.

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