Die Stadt Barth von oben.

The city Barth,

Die Stadt Barth von oben

Is a bustling little town, with a lovingly restored, historical city center.
Barth is located on the southern shore of the Barther Bodden, part of the Boddenkette separated by the peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst from the Baltic Sea, and east of the river Barthe.
To the west of the urban area is a larger forest area, the Barther Stadtholz. Highest elevation is in the east of the Glöwitzer mountain with 34.2 m above sea level. NHN. On the peninsula between Bartherstrom and Barther Bodden exists a cow meadow named wetlands. Another part of the wetland area below the sea level is located east of the town of Barth. There are also some smaller lakes.

The city has a port and the Baltic Sea airport Stralsund Barth. The Usedomer Bäderbahn is a direct connection between Barth and Stralsund via Velgast and further to Greifswald and Usedom. From 1910 to the Second World War there was a railway connection (Darßbahn) between Barth, Zingst and Prerow on the Darß peninsula. Today there is only the section between Barth and Bresewitz, on which the railway company is resting. The federal road 105 runs eight kilometers south of Barth through Löbnitz.

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